George K. Brannen English Scholars Fund 3703

 Helping To Make Great Students Better!

What would you do if you had a chance to change a person’s life? There are so many needs in our world today.

I would like to believe I’m working towards a cure. Ignorance is as large a scourge in our country as any other disease. Our students and citizens not being able to read a complete sentence, or write their own name, or converse with one another in a coherent way is a blight on our country and sense of self-respect.

What has happened to our education system that we, ourselves, can’t fix! 

I meet students every day that want to help repair what’s damaged. I meet instructors every day that want to encourage, mentor, and do whatever is within their means to inspire. I believe there is greatness in all people to help others by giving of themselves one way or another. I believe this foundation is the right path for me to help and to inspire as I have been inspired.

I believe the students I sit beside everyday  can be better !